Saturday, November 3, 2012

Confession Time

October 11, 2012

After a meeting that took me out of Albany this morning, I hurried back to another meeting. Along the way, I made a special stop at the Downtube Bicycle Works. After some extensive negotiating, we made a deal on a demo Brompton that I was thrilled to have and they were glad to get rid of to make room for the 2013 models.

Does it seem crazy to buy a second Brompton just a few weeks after buying the first one? Maybe... And the new bike is a completely different model than my M6R. This is an apple green S2E-X, meaning that the handlebars are in the lower, sportier position, the gearing is simple with only a 2 speed derailleur system, there are no fenders or rack, and it is the super light configuration with the titanium fork and triangle. It came equipped with an attached luggage block, and extended seat post, Brooks saddle, ez wheels, a 54 tooth chainring, and kojak tires. Only the single speed titanium model is lighter.

I am very pleased with the deal Downtube made with me. I am really excited about having one Brompton set up for hills and touring and a second, quick and sporty one for fast tips around town. As has been pointed out on the BromptonTalk forum, a second Brompton to share when friends come visiting is really a good thing!

And the second Brompton fits so nicely next to the first. They both fit right by the door, encouraging one to pick one up as one leaves the house, taking a bicycle instead of the car.

Now for my confession. Yesterday, when I met the gentleman who was kind enough to buy me a drink after our conversation about folding bicycles, I withheld the name of the bicycle shop and the information that two titanium Bromptons sat on the shop floor, waiting to be taken home. I did this specifically because I knew that I planned to go the next day and make this deal. I am certainly a selfish Brompton owner. But I'm a selfish TWO Brompton owner! :D